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Friday, March 5, 2010

Shanghai back there!!

it's been a while since i blogged... i think it has been one or two months ago, so i decided to lighten up again my beloved blog which is dying now.. =.=!!

yeah.. this is what i have been doing for the last 2 months ( i guess , i start losing count)

basically i traveled to Shanghai China for my winter course. i learned Chinese language / mandarin/ or what ever it called.... and the result is NOT BAD.

yeah since i am a banana (chinese outside but speak English more than i can understand CHinese) =.=!!!

My beloved friends
shopping and
food...... (hem not so much)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eating Frenzy ~ Medan City~

Morning.... Wow.. yesterday was like a dream.. i was eating and eating and eating and eating until i feel like i was choked by all the food. : ) I went to a lot of food stall with 3 of my guy friends.. and you know guys when they are eating right!! You should scream at them and say SELF CONTROL!!
If not i ensure you you may make your stomach burst out.. hehe

So yesterday i was buzzing around in Medan City craving for good foods. At 6 pm my friend fetched me up and we started our eating frenzy in Medan City. Firstly we went to Jalan Semarang, this road i saw more than 150 food stalls, (Pretty tempting right) I suggest you if you are in you diet program Do Not come here or get near. I repeat DO NOT!!

In this road, we ordered, deep fried Snake (Yummy), turtle , Vege rice, Skoteng Ice, avocado juice, curry chicken, and chinese rojak. Yeah it's always a copy of thing made by China.. hehehe

After we ate, we started up the car engine and went to What is called as The best peanut stay in Medan. As accompany we order durian fruit and eat like crazy...

This did not stop there, we continue our journey to what's called as the best Padang Sate in the entire Medan :) yeah.. everthing here is about the best.. hehehe
We order around 15 strips and eat together. Although our stomach was heavenly full. Since we were so greedy we keep eating with spirit in our heart. lol!! oH ya one more thing i forget is traditional drink From medan it's called Salted Orange juice, it was refreshing but for me this drinks quite wierd cos it was a bit salty and sweet at the same time.

Finish eating we lighted up our engine and went to our final destination to "Liang Teh". This drink said could cure our body heat.. So this drink is a good friend with Durian.. After you ate Durian the Hottest fruit ever, you can cool the off with the super cool drink in town.

While waiting for the food to went down from our throat to our stomach our last destination was Merdeka Walk. This place located right in the middle of the heart of Medan City.. I tell you this place is a good place to Hang out and just sit around and kill your time if you have plenty. There was a lot of food stalls selling variety of foods and in many special occasion Medanese like to use this place to held many events. One word for this place this place is HAPPENING!!

Yeahh... time shown it was 10.30 that was time for us to cool down in our home..
so we went back and for the conclusion our Eating frenzy program end up with joyful in our stomach and big success :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Medan the City of Food

Ollalaala.... Yesterday me, my sister and nephews went to one of the biggest mall here in Medan, it calls Sun Plaza. I can tell it was pretty big. I went there just to look around until one of my nephew pointed out that he wanted to eat Prang Rice. I was wondering what was this Prang Rice looks like. Nah this is how its looks like.

This rice, people said has a great connection with war era happened in Indonesia before. Since many soldier had to travel a lot and carried a lot of stuff from weaponry to safety kits, thus they need something lighter to be carried as their food logistic. That's why the Size of Prang Rice is quite small.

Inside there's only Coconut milk rice, eggs, fish/chicken, chili and fried onion covers with papaya Leaf. Hem this might be small but this can make you full and taste good too. No wonder soldiers back than prefer this to be carried when war started. :)

My sister bought this Prang Rice for Rp 5000 / each from A coffee shop in level 4 Sunplaza. I think this is quite pricey for such a small meal but worth to try of choirs. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Traveling to Medan City

Now currently i'm in Medan City. I flew from Kuala Lumpur to Medan for approximately 50' minutes. Yeah now i'm in the middle of medan city struggling to look for something interesting. So far my activity is just eating medanese cusines and travel around looking at medan city. Hem.. so far i have tasted 3 cusines that wellknown in Medan city. First one was Curry Bihun, second was padang rice from Garuda, and the third one was Seafood near Cemara ASRI residents complex. For the price they are pretty cheap, maybe for a plate of food here, is around 20000 rupiah to 30000 per person (this price have included drink).

Medan City is out of my expectation, since it is said to be the 3 largest city in Indonesia, before icame here i hoped to see many skyscraper building around and big road as accompanion of it. But... heheeheh most of the building here is a store house or known as "RUKO" (Rumah Toko). I believe there's only 2-3 builiding that has more than 15 storage but the rest you'll see here are Store House... hem altough the City's landscape is a bit dissapointing but i think i will enjoy my 2 weeks holiday here..

hemm..i wanna up load my photos from medan soon.. and i will.. hehhe

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~`Post China Syndrome`~

hey.. it's been a while since i wrote my last blog, suddenly i feel i need to write some words into my blog. Yeah. i just went back from my roller-coaster journey for 3 weeks in Shanghai, China.
I went there actually to participate in one of my winter school program and i tell you this is something that you need to be involved in .

So finally i get back here in Malaysia, but sadly most of my friend have went back home or started their summer course program. By right most of the time i will just hang out at the mall near my house. Sigh!!! feel like i wanna go back and meet the rest of my friend in Shanghai. Usually everyday from 12.30 to 5.30 i will be at school listening to my Chinese teacher but now i'll be in Sunway Pyramid watching movie or having lunch. hem.. yeah although hangout at the mall is fun, but for me surrounded by friends is even greater.

yeah. this is what i call Post China Syndrome. Feel like i still wanna do what i used to do back there in Shanghai.. GOSHH.. friendss miss you guys a lot!!! CU when i CU again... OK!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

04/05/09 Student life vs My life

Honestly i don't really write blog often., but since i got nothing to do and one of my friend start blogging i think i will also follow her steps but not to be a copy cat, just wanna feel a bit productive.

anyway, these couples of weeks behind, i really feel something change within me, i feel lighter, more flexible and stronger inside me. That's a good things... I really wanna praise GOD for every opportunity that he have within my life, how big or how small it was.. I can really say, i have changed and grown a lot in my last cell group, i feel so bless for heaving them in my life..
i learn a lot, i learn to trust GOD and people around me, i learn to expand my capacity and learn to server as well, is in deed a wonderful experience to walk side by side with HIM.

a week ago, i have a new cell group lead by Jenny, she is great i tell you... hahahah a strong, passionate and persistence yet have a burning spirit to GOD... Thanks a lot to her, learn so many things from her as well. Now with new cell group i really hope that 7 of us will keep growing in GOD'S presence. Cellgroup has indeed made a significant change in my life. real real real a happy, happening, and fun place.... (^^)


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcoming New Year 2009

yippiieeee.... finally its come....2009.
unexpectedly new year came so fast than i though. i just do not belive it.
another year and another year has just passed by and if try to remember what i've done during last year... may be there's only a little things that useful and many of them are not.
BUT that's what life it is. like doing stupid things, regret, laughing because we do something silly and crying when watching sad korean drama. Any way i just happy this time because this is new year. new days ahead, new year, new friends, new life and everthing seems to be flawless.

i wanna thanks for every body that has colored my life and brighten my days. i really appreciate it. thanks to all of my friends to be my supporter, to be my sholder to cry, to be my listener for my crapy story of my life.

this new year i hope that all of us going to have a new beginning, a better and sweeter one.